2018 Ivy Leadership summit at Dartmouth!



    The Ivy Leadership Summit (ILS) is an annual two-day conference hosted by the Ivy Council to bring together students from the eight Ivy League universities along with leaders from the business, government, academics, and non-profit sectors of society. The conference is usually held in the fall and its location is rotated each year through the campuses of the schools in the Ivy League.

  • about ivy council conferences

    The Ivy Council hosts semi-annual conferences where student leaders gather to research and seek solutions to issues of the day at their schools, across the Ivy League, or to student populations as a whole. Recent issue topics have included affirmative action in admissions, post-season football, the drug-free provisions in higher education legislation, climate neutrality and fuel emissions. Ivy Council Conferences are important learning experiences for everyone who attends. Each gets to enjoy the vastly different physical environments of the host schools, while taking from the depth of expertise that is shared among participants.


    Delegates and observers arrive at the Conference site on Friday night. A grand gathering takes place at the opening. The weekend that follows provides more formalized events that encourage the sharing of ideas, while providing social events to help build lasting relationships. On Saturday, the attendees get down to business, spending many hours in discussion sections. Topics are determined in advance by the Steering Committee; past topics have covered a wide range of issues facing higher education, including academic affairs, alcohol use and abuse and socially aware university investment and divestment. Each school comes prepared with researched information about how each issue is addressed on its campus. All benefit from hearing other perspectives and new ideas; solutions are developed as a result. Session minutes are combined with that background information and a conference booklet is created and distributed to each delegation. This provides each student government with a tool for further addressing the issues discussed. Moreover, Conference materials are posted online in the Student Government Forum and Policy Database to encourage further discussion and archived information sharing. Such documents are accessible to all Ivy League students, not just Ivy student government leaders and members.


    ILS was originally created to promote the exchange of ideas between students of the Ivy League and today’s leaders on subjects of public policy such as affirmative action and ethics in science and technology. The first ILS was held at Yale University in 2000 and had the topic of “Integrity and Ethics.” Eighty participants were selected from a pool of applicants throughout the Ivy League.


    The main activities of the conference were keynote speakers, panels, and roundtable discussions. Since then, Ivy Council has held six conferences each with their own topics of discussion. Past speakers have included Steve Forbes, Chairman and CEO of Forbes magazine; Nasreen Berwari, Iraqi Minister of Municipalities and General Works; Jeffrey Sachs, special adviser to the UN’s Millennium Development; Theodore Roosevelt IV, Managing Director at Lehman Brothers and prominent environmentalist; and Dov Zakheim, US Undersecretary of Defense.



    2000 ILS I

    “Integrity and Ethics” at Yale University


    2001 ILS II

    “Sharing the Torch: Leadership in the New Millennium” at Harvard University


    2003 ILS III

    “American Ethics in Science & Medicine, Politics & Law, Media, and Business”- University of Pennsylvania


    2004 ILS IV

    “Responsibilities in a Globalized World” at Columbia University


    2005 ILS V

    “Health, Economy, and the International Community”- at Princeton University


    2006 ILS VI

    “Free Trade, Free Press, Free Society: Leadership in the Age of Globalization”- at Columbia University


    2007 ILS VII

    “The Future of Energy: Analyzing the Problem and Debating Solutions.”- at Columbia University


    2008 ILS VIII

    “Creating the Leader.”- at University of Pennsylvania


    2009 ILS IX

    “Leading in the Globalizing Community.”- at Brown University


    2010 ILS X

    “Fearless Leadership in the 21st Century.”- at Yale University


    2011 ILS XI

    “Advancing Leadership: Navigating the Post-Crash Climate.”- at Princeton University


    2012 ILS XII

    -“The Ivy Lead”- at Harvard University


    2012 ILS XIII

    “Catalysts for Change”- at Dartmouth College


    2013 ILS XIV

    "The Digital Future" - at Brown University


    2014 ILS XV

    "Duties of Higher Education" at Cornell University


    2015 ILS XVI

    "Leadership" at Harvard University


    2016 ILS XVII

    "Impetus: Driving Forward Visions for Positive Global Change" - at Yale University


    2017 ILS XVIII

    "Innovative Leadership”- at Princeton University


    2018 ILS XIX

    "Gender Equality, Technology and Sustainability" - at Dartmouth University


    2019 ILS XX

    "Sustainability”- at University of Pennsylvania

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